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Don't Take Away Freedom of Expression and Peaceful Assembly

Background on the Issue
On May 29, 2017, MPP Yasir Naqvi, the previous Attorney General of Ontario, announced that he would table a bill in the fall to transform public sidewalks into “No Free Speech Zones” outside every abortion facility in the province. The bill was passed in October later that year, and has been put into force since February 1, 2018.

These bubble zones within which pro-life speech and expression are banned, prevent pro-lifers from demonstrating or counselling within a certain radius of an abortion facility where children are killed by abortion. That includes hospitals and clinics where abortions are committed, and pharmacies are now able to apply as well. These bubble zones are expected to resemble British Columbia's and Newfoundland and Labrador’s, which have bubble zone laws “not exceeding 50 metres” around abortion facilities.

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How rich it is that the previous Attorney General justified ‘no free speech zones’ around abortion facilities by suggesting that pro-lifers are violent.

My dear MPP, let me remind you that peaceful pro-life demonstrators are in fact demonstrating AGAINST violent assaults on preborn girls and boys that occur daily at abortion facilities, at the hands of an abortionist who is getting rich off his victims.

The fact of the matter is that surgical abortions dismember, disembowel, and decapitate innocent human beings. This is not a matter of opinion. I’d invite you to read any number of these quotations from abortion facility employees themselves:

Pro-lifers oppose this violence by abortionists. They believe that women deserve better than abortion, and certainly the unborn do too. To abhor the infliction of this violence on helpless human beings is completely natural. To stand outside abortion clinics in the hope of dissuading women from subjecting their child to this violence is also a completely reasonable thing to do, and in the public interest.

Unfortunately, this form of peaceful demonstration has become illegal in Ontario, under the Liberals’ authoritarian law. Just before Queen’s Park rose for the summer, the attorney general announced plans to table a bill that would criminalize the public criticism of abortion (be it through protest or sidewalk counselling) within at least 50 metres of abortion centres.

You are my elected representative in the riding of [Recipient's riding name will be automatically inserted]. Please don’t stand by as this law is preventing women from getting the help and support they really need when they feel like abortion is their only option. MPP [Recipient's name will be automatically inserted], please try to overturn this bill. I ask that you join the chorus of voices speaking on behalf of our fundamental rights to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.
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