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Don't Take Away Freedom of Expression and Peaceful Assembly

Background on the Issue
On May 29, 2017, MPP Yasir Naqvi, the previous Attorney General of Ontario, announced that he would table a bill in the fall to transform public sidewalks into “No Free Speech Zones” outside every abortion facility in the province. The bill was passed in October later that year, and has been put into force since February 1, 2018.

These bubble zones within which pro-life speech and expression are banned, prevent pro-lifers from demonstrating or counselling within a certain radius of an abortion facility where children are killed by abortion. That includes hospitals and clinics where abortions are committed, and pharmacies are now able to apply as well. These bubble zones are expected to resemble British Columbia's and Newfoundland and Labrador’s, which have bubble zone laws “not exceeding 50 metres” around abortion facilities.

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Bubble zones aren’t necessary
Dear [Recipient's name will be automatically inserted], MPP for [Recipient's riding name will be automatically inserted],

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, when first lobbying for an “Access to Abortion Services Act” said, “Anyone seeking or providing abortion services should have the right to do so without feeling harassed, threatened or afraid for their safety.”

The previous Ontario Attorney General - Yasir Naqvi - concurred, saying his government was working “to ensure that harassment at the Morgentaler clinic, and clinics across the province does not continue.”

I agree that women getting an abortion, as well as abortionists, should be safe from violence and intimidation. However, the vast majority of pro-lifers are not, in any way, engaged in threatening behaviour or harassment.

If someone were to engage in violent or harassing behaviour, there are already provisions in the law to have them arrested. [Recipient's first name will be automatically inserted], is that not true? A bubble zone around abortion clinics is not targeting those who break the law—it is targeting peaceful, innocent law-abiders, including grannies praying the rosary.

I don’t want the “Safe access to Abortion Services Act”, and I hope I can rely on you to withdraw it.

If anybody commits violence or some other illegal act, the police can go through the necessary process of having the few who go too far arrested. But pro-life sidewalk counsellors humbly exercising their democratic right to protest should be left alone. [Recipient's first name will be automatically inserted], don’t you agree?
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