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Background on the Issue
On May 29, 2017, MPP Yasir Naqvi, the previous Attorney General of Ontario, announced that he would table a bill in the fall to transform public sidewalks into “No Free Speech Zones” outside every abortion facility in the province. The bill was passed in October later that year, and has been put into force since February 1, 2018.

These bubble zones within which pro-life speech and expression are banned, prevent pro-lifers from demonstrating or counselling within a certain radius of an abortion facility where children are killed by abortion. That includes hospitals and clinics where abortions are committed, and pharmacies are now able to apply as well. These bubble zones are expected to resemble British Columbia's and Newfoundland and Labrador’s, which have bubble zone laws “not exceeding 50 metres” around abortion facilities.

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Silencing Opposition Actually Very Unsafe
Greetings MPP [Recipient's name will be automatically inserted],

A phenomenon gaining popularity on college and university campuses is the establishment of “safe spaces.” Though there are somewhat different factors in play, the term is still quite similar to “safe access zones” which the Liberal government has established around abortion clinics in the province. Both “safe spaces” and “safe access zones” are primarily intended to protect against not physical violence (as that’s already illegal), but the supposed “violence” of words or “hurtful” opinions.

It’s one thing for a university or college to do it (for even though they are supposed to be hubs of free speech, at least their policies apply to their own property), but it’s a whole different story when people are censored and excessively limited in their exercise of freedom of expression on public property. Feelings can be hurt and people can be triggered by potentially anything. The possibility of one’s sensibilities being offended shouldn’t mean that freedom of expression, in this case, the expression of a pro-life stance, should be suppressed.

The fact is, it’s actually extremely unsafe to censor unpopular opinions. Censorship is one of the first steps towards totalitarianism. So I beg of you, MPP [Recipient's name will be automatically inserted], stop our government’s march towards the mentality of totalitarian China and North Korea, who else squelch freedom of expression. Please do so by overturning “safe access zones” around abortion facilities. Perceive them for what they really are: “no free speech zones”.
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