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Don't Take Away Freedom of Expression and Peaceful Assembly

Background on the Issue
On May 29, 2017, MPP Yasir Naqvi, the previous Attorney General of Ontario, announced that he would table a bill in the fall to transform public sidewalks into “No Free Speech Zones” outside every abortion facility in the province. The bill was passed in October later that year, and has been put into force since February 1, 2018.

These bubble zones within which pro-life speech and expression are banned, prevent pro-lifers from demonstrating or counselling within a certain radius of an abortion facility where children are killed by abortion. That includes hospitals and clinics where abortions are committed, and pharmacies are now able to apply as well. These bubble zones are expected to resemble British Columbia's and Newfoundland and Labrador’s, which have bubble zone laws “not exceeding 50 metres” around abortion facilities.

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Alternate viewpoints must not be silenced
Dear [Recipient's name will be automatically inserted], Member of Provincial Parliament:

Peaceful pro-life protesters offer the mothers who come to abortion centres information on non-abortion alternatives, which those moms simply aren’t receiving from the abortion business. The latter has a vested interest in killing her baby, hence the lack of informed consent.

The abortion business makes a profit from each dead baby. It makes no money whatsoever if for instance, the mom chooses adoption, or to raise the child. And therefore, the abortion industry doesn’t give the woman informed consent about the permanent psychological trauma that abortion-choice often creates, nor the facts about her baby’s physical development and what abortion will do to the baby.

That is why pro-life demonstrators (or prayer vigil participants) provide a vital service that many women end up grateful to receive. From information on adoption options, to crisis pregnancy resources centres, to emotional and spiritual support, thousands of women have been helped to make life-affirming choices for their babies, thanks to the peaceful witness of pro-lifers on public sidewalks outside of Ontario abortion centres.

Why would the Ontario government want to take that away from the women who are so often being coerced to abort by a domineering boyfriend or husband, by proposing legislation to create “No Free Speech Zones” on public sidewalks across Ontario?

Aside from the alternative point of view that pregnant mothers get from peaceful pro-life counsellors that they can’t get anywhere else, there is the pesky matter that freedom of assembly and freedom of expression are constitutional rights. The Wynne government has no authority to erase constitutional rights with provincial legislation.

[Recipient's first name will be automatically inserted], I ask you to think deeply about this issue, in hopes that this will persuade you to speak up against the folly of turning public spaces into No Free Speech Zones.
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