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Doug Ford must keep his promise to FULLY repeal the Wynne/Levin sex curriculum by September

Background on the Issue
On Thursday, July 12th, the new Doug Ford government kept its election promise by announcing that it would repeal Kathleen Wynne’s radical sex-ed curriculum by September, and begin a thorough parental consultation process.

The very next day, Ford and his Education Minister Lisa Thompson became targets of a media-orchestrated campaign of fake outrage. Canada’s newspapers and TV news outlets launched a barrage of hundreds of editorials, columns, and reports attacking Ford’s announcement to replace the child-abusive sex curriculum.

Please send your MPP an Action Alert email asking that they tell Doug Ford and Lisa Thompson to stay the course, to keep Doug Ford’s promise to fully repeal the curriculum – especially the anti-scientific theories of gender fluidity, gender identity, and gender expression.
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Local MPP
Scrap Kathleen Wynne's sex curriculum
Dear MPP [surname],

I am writing to ask that you encourage Premier Ford and the Minister of Education to stay on course with the promise the PCs made to voters that they would totally repeal the age-inappropriate sex curriculum of Kathleen Wynne and her disgraced former Deputy Education Minister who served 3 years in prison for pedophilia and child porn related crimes.

This curriculum is so dangerous and harmful to kids, I cannot believe it was ever implemented. Instead of talking about "multiple genders", why don't we discuss the adverse mental, emotional, and physical effects that pretending to be a gender opposite to one's biological reality can have on a person, let alone a child?

The President of the American College of Pediatricians Dr. Michelle Cretella, recently explained in a Youtube video how a young boy she treated (along with his family) continued to claim that he was a girl. After multiple meetings with the psychologist, the young boy let slip that he believed his parents would only love him if he was a girl. You see, the parents recently had a baby daughter with a disability who was now garnering all the attention. Once the root of the problem came to light, the problem was easily solved and the young boy was once again happy in his own skin, as his biological gender, as he should be.

With this resolution, the boy did not need to be subjected to damaging hormonal drugs or confusing thoughts and feelings for the rest of his life ... if he had "changed" his gender, would he actually have been happy, when the real problem was simply a lack of attention? How many cases like these will go unresolved and result in many unhappy and unstable adults - because the truth was, the problem had nothing to do with gender to begin with - if the sex-ed curriculum continues to include such misleading (and blatantly unscientific) information about "gender ideology".

If we actually want to talk about bullying - as is the 'claimed' intention of including gender ideology in the sex-ed curriculum - why don't we focus on teaching kids to be kind to everyone, without reason or reservation? After all, how many children are bullied due to their physical appearance and/or demeanor, rather than their "gender identity"? I'd wager there's a significant amount leaning towards the former.

The "leftists" can be loud, but that doesn't mean they are the majority and it doesn't make them right. If a stranger came up to your perfectly content young boy/girl on the street and started telling them that they could choose to be a different gender if he/she wanted to, how would you feel?

Let's put a stop to this agenda. Our children are not guinea pigs.
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