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Doug Ford must keep his promise to FULLY repeal the Wynne/Levin sex curriculum by September

Background on the Issue
On Thursday, July 12th, the new Doug Ford government kept its election promise by announcing that it would repeal Kathleen Wynne’s radical sex-ed curriculum by September, and begin a thorough parental consultation process.

The very next day, Ford and his Education Minister Lisa Thompson became targets of a media-orchestrated campaign of fake outrage. Canada’s newspapers and TV news outlets launched a barrage of hundreds of editorials, columns, and reports attacking Ford’s announcement to replace the child-abusive sex curriculum.

Please send your MPP an Action Alert email asking that they tell Doug Ford and Lisa Thompson to stay the course, to keep Doug Ford’s promise to fully repeal the curriculum – especially the anti-scientific theories of gender fluidity, gender identity, and gender expression.
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Interim curriculum
Dear [name], MPP:

Is Doug Ford a man of his word? If so, he must honour his election promise to COMPLETELY repeal the Wynne/Levin sex curriculum and go back to the previous 2014 curriculum until such time as a new curriculum can be written based on genuine parental consultation.

The interim curriculum the Premier's Education Minister gave to school boards whilst that consultation process happens, does NOT constitute a complete repeal, nor a promise kept by Premier Ford.

Although it has removed the unscientific theory of gender identity from the grade-by-grade lessons, that dangerous and radical philosophical theory is still contained within the curriculum document. That is not a promise kept!

I hope you will encourage Doug Ford to keep his word and totally scrap Kathleen Wynne’s dangerous sex program which will only confuse, damage and sexualize children.

Furthermore, the consultation process must listen only to parents and ought to ignore the paid union activists and the radical "experts" that Benjamin Levin consulted to help him write the offensive Wynne sex ed. Those extremist, sex-activist groups like Planned Parenthood Toronto and OPHEA should be ignored by the Ministry of Education. They care not about children's health or safety - only about the sexual revolution they have worked so hard to bring about.

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