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Doug Ford must keep his promise to FULLY repeal the Wynne/Levin sex curriculum by September

Background on the Issue
On Thursday, July 12th, the new Doug Ford government kept its election promise by announcing that it would repeal Kathleen Wynne’s radical sex-ed curriculum by September, and begin a thorough parental consultation process.

The very next day, Ford and his Education Minister Lisa Thompson became targets of a media-orchestrated campaign of fake outrage. Canada’s newspapers and TV news outlets launched a barrage of hundreds of editorials, columns, and reports attacking Ford’s announcement to replace the child-abusive sex curriculum.

Please send your MPP an Action Alert email asking that they tell Doug Ford and Lisa Thompson to stay the course, to keep Doug Ford’s promise to fully repeal the curriculum – especially the anti-scientific theories of gender fluidity, gender identity, and gender expression.
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Use the Activist-Judge Override Provision
Dear [name], MPP:

I have heard that the teachers union has gone to a court to ask a friendly Liberal judge to block Premier Ford's repeal of the Wynne/Levin sex curriculum. How corrupt can these unions be, trying to subvert democracy through a judicial back door?

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario is trying overturn the democratic will of the voters of Ontario. Repealing sex ed was on the ballot because it was one of Doug Ford's primary campaign promises. The voters chose Ford and gave him a super majority. We have spoken. No Marxist teachers union, nor any glorified lawyer in a black robe, has any right whatsoever to thwart the democratic will of the people.

I'm asking you as my elected representative to Queen's Park to encourage Premier Ford to invoke the ACTIVIST-JUDGE OVERRIDE PROVISION contained in Section 33 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in the event that the liberal judge should dare to play politics and try stopping the sex ed repeal. That Charter provision grants provinces the power to ignore attempts by the judiciary to legislate from the bench, and usurp the power of government.

The Activist-Judge Override Provision has been utilized many times by Quebec to ignore court ruling it didn't like. Premier Ford must do the same, if necessary, to ignore any attempt by activist-judges to help their Liberal friends keep Wynne's child-sexualization curriculum in our schools.

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