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International Day of the (Born) Girl Child

On October 8th, the European Parliament adopted a report on gendercide by an overwhelming majority of votes (567 vs. 37). The report, although not legally binding, condemns sex-selective abortions and calls on member states to react legislatively. The EU has been promoting abortion access since its inception, so this probably won’t change the status quo, but at least it’s a start.

In the UK, sex-selective abortion is against the law, but when two doctors were recently caught in an undercover investigation arranging to abort pre-born babies because they were girls, the Crown Prosecution Service decided that it's not against the law.

And then there is good old Canada. No law, no restrictions, no dialogue. Sex-selective abortions happen in this country, and the Canadian parliament not only refuses to address this issue, the government actually stifles any discussion on the issue (see Motion 408).

It’s no surprise, that on this second annual International Day of the Girl Child, 200 million girls are missing in this world because of sex-selective abortion and infanticide and most Canadian politicians remain silent.

On days like today, the United Nations and its agencies are loudly publicizing how much they care about the girl child, and yet they have spent decades trying to spread abortion on demand throughout the world so that the systematic killing of pre-born girls may continue. 


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