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“Safe, legal and rare”- the famous abortion catch phrase we’ve all come to recognize as a colossal lie. As with all deception, one lie leads to another, and another, until it becomes farcical. The Emperor’s New Clothes has that whole story buttoned up.

Radical feminists declared back-alley abortions as the battlefield of women’s rights. We were told many other things in the last 40 years which have led us to today’s absurd Canadian reality, its farcical reality. A new old battle has emerged in Canada’s abortion web of lies. Applications for the abortion drug RU-486 are again before Health Canada. Before Canadians accept the lies asserting the need for this chemical cocktail, join me in examining some of the lies that got us here, because in Canada, we are coming full circle.


(cue the coat hanger)

We were told that abortion had to be taken out of the Criminal Code because too many women were dying from back-alley abortions. They were unsafe. Women were dying by the thousands. Turns out that starting with the famous abortionist-turned-pro-life advocate, Bernard Nathanson, to today, with the Alan Guttmacher Institute, we’ve been lied to. Repeatedly. Source

Today, women from several groups have witnessed publically to the fact that abortion, legal or not, has harmed them. Physically, psychologically and spiritually, they have suffered from the procedure. Source

Studies show post-abortive women suffer from higher incidences  of depression and alcohol and drug abuse. They suffer from reproductive problems and have higher incidences of premature deliveries in subsequent pregnancies (leading to health problems for those babies). Source

We were told that exceptions were needed for cases where the mother’s life was at risk, anything less was unsafe for the mother. Cruel and barbaric, we pro-lifers were.

Today, we have the Dublin Declaration that states abortion is never a lifesaving treatment for the mother. Source 

Furthermore, new studies show that chemotherapy doesn’t present the danger to pregnant women as was once thought. Source


Posing as compassionate, the radical feminists from all political parties are simply extremely pro-abortion.

We were told again and again, that abortion was a Constitutional right.

Today, the truth is more widely known. In the Morgentaler decision the Supreme Court of Canada, including Justice Bertha Wilson, put the need for abortion legislation back in the hands of Parliament. That court did not conclude (or rule) that the abortion issue was either ‘settled’ or a “right”

We were told the “right” to abortion was sacrosanct. This led to abortion in Canada being available on demand, for any reason and at any time during the pregnancy. 

Today this extremist pro-abortion view led the radical feminists in Parliament to condemn the House of Commons rather than the House of Commons unanimously condemning sex selection abortion as gender discrimination of the highest order. It has led to women saying to women, it is ok to kill your daughters.


Feminists will tell us that abortion is a very difficult option and not to be chosen lightly, but rather, rarely.  The problem is that in the end, feminists still think the baby is the problem.

We were told that at minimum abortion exceptions were needed for cases of rape.

Today, we have women and men who witness publically to the fact they were conceived in rape. They love life, have come to terms with the circumstances of their conception (it can be done) and take great offence that people could consider them disposable because of their mother’s rape.  Women who have been raped need our compassion and support. They need justice too. There are no quick fixes to that trauma, no matter how desperately we seek one.

We were told that abortion exceptions were needed for cases of fetal abnormalities.

Today several news stories have come out where the prenatal diagnosis of a serious abnormality has been greatly exaggerated, or is simply wrong, meaning that an abortion would have killed a healthy baby. Downs Syndrome is virtually being wiped out because those babies are being wiped out. Moreover, the pursuit for perfection has led to abortions taking place for non-life-threatening conditions like cleft palates or club feet. All the while, we have breathtaking advances in foetology and neo-natal medicine. Research and professional skills in these areas, may well suffer as abortion masquerades as a compassionate first response.

Today even though the numbers are difficult to obtain due to government interference, statistically, estimates of repeat abortions hover at around 25%. Source


I stated that in Canada we were coming full circle. How is that? Well what began as a crusade against the so-called back-alley abortion to seemingly protect women’s health, has led to a crusade for the backyard abortion to protect access to abortion ( the unborn child is of no concern in this crusade). What has remained consistent is not the care of women, but the care of access to abortion.

Now feminists want women in remote locations, without easy access to doctors, to be able to take RU 486 at home. Sadly, it’s that very lack of access to medical follow up which could cause devastating effects in these women should their backyard abortion go wrong. The RU 486 side effects range from deeply unpleasant to very difficult to deadly. But what is that to pro-abortion feminists. The right to abortion for any reason is unquestionable, unchallengeable. If some women have to die to prove it, so be it. We’ve already seen the absurdity of this absolutism.

Don’t swallow it.

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