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Abortion Drone Brings Culture of Death to Poland... Again

In the summer of 1944, the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland reached its recorded peak capacity. In this most vile point in history, the Nazis were gassing and burning 9,000 Jews, Poles, Romanians, and Soviet prisoners of war every single day of that dreadful summer. The main weapon of extermination used was Zyklon-B, a deadly cyanide gas manufactured by the I.G. Farben Chemical Company and its parent firm, Degesch. Farben, a chemical corporate monopoly of its time, profited enormously from the annihilation of millions of human beings.

                After World War II, in 1947, 24 Farben executives were charged with crimes against humanity and there was a plan set in place to fragment the company into 47 independent units. This plan never materialized. Ultimately, due to many factors, Farben was split into three companies: one of them known as Hoechst A.G. of Frankfurt, Germany.

                Fast forward exactly 71 years later to now and it seems that the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. On Saturday June 27th, radical feminist organization Women on Waves flew a drone carrying abortion pills, known as RU-486, from Frankfurt, Germany to Poland, where the drug and its constituent chemicals, mifepristone and misoprostol, are illegal. The RU-486 pill is created and manufactured by Roussel Uclaf, whose parent firm is the aforementioned Hoechst Company. Hoechst owns 100 percent of Roussel stock and is by far the most actively involved company in the distribution of this human pesticide that exterminates unwanted human beings in the womb.

                The parallels between Farben and their participation in the chemical extermination of millions of “post-natal expendables” and the current slaughter of the “pre-natal discards” being paved by Hoechst and their RU-486 pill are striking and horrifying indeed.

                RU-486 is currently illegal here in Canada. The reason? During clinical trials in 2001, a woman died from septic shock just a few days after taking the deadly pill, which never fully aborted the baby and instead left its rotting remains in the uterus. These dead baby remains were a prime breeding ground for bacteria and a Clostridium infection soon ensued and entered the bloodstream, leading to fatal septicemia. Tragically, situations like this are not as few and far between as we would like to think. RU-486 causes a complete abortion only 91 percent of the time, but 7.9 percent of patients will also need surgery to complete the abortion, to control bleeding, or to abort the surviving pre-born child.

                The astounding thing here is that abortionist Rebecca Gomperts, the founder and director of Women on Waves, and her team are sending these abortion pills to women so they can use them in the comfort of their own home without any medical supervision. This is absolute insanity considering a Columbia University study that found that 20 percent of women who took RU-486 suffered excessive bleeding and bled or spotted for five to six weeks. This drug is downright harmful and potentially fatal. At least 14 women in the United States died from taking RU-486 according to a 2011 US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) study, and that was WITH medical supervision – supervision required by the FDA.

                Let us remember that no matter how “safe” abortion proponents claim any abortion is, it is never safe for the child in the womb who will be decapitated, dismembered and disemboweled and it is also often unsafe for the mothers who will experience a plethora of harm following their abortions. Abortion harms women the same way, whether it is done surgically or through a pill. A study sponsored by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario found that post-abortive women experienced four times higher rates of hospitalization for infection, five times higher rates of a surgical event and a five times higher rate of hospitalization for psychiatric problems in comparison to other women who had not had abortions. Furthermore, the British Journal of Psychiatry published a massive 22-study meta-analysis focusing on the mental health risks associated with the abortions of 877,000 women and discovered that these women experienced an 81 percent increased risk of mental health problems and a 155 percent greater risk of trying to commit suicide. Need I really say more?

                Our society and media has gladly accepted the lie that a mother has a right to kill her child based on her social or economic circumstances or simply upon her request. Of course abortion proponents try to escape this uncomfortable truth that a baby is killed during an abortion, and they wrap their arguments and campaigns in devious euphemisms and fabricated statistics that portray abortion as a necessary evil, and possibly even a necessary good. Exhibit A is right down the hall and to your left towards the room that reads, “Abortion Drone; first flight to Poland press release”.

                 In their press release, Women on Waves boldly stated that, according to their estimates, Poland has at least 48,000 illegal underground abortions taking place every year, with some claiming up to 240,000. The logic here is so flawed it hurts my head, please see if you can follow it yourself. Women on Waves cited that Germany had 99,700 abortions in 2014 and that, based on its 80 million population, it supposedly had one of the lowest abortion rates in the world while Poland, with its 38 million inhabitants, only had an official number of 744 abortions. Okay, just wait for this next gargantuan leap. They then go on to assume that if abortion rates were as low in Poland as they are in Germany then this must mean that the estimate for underground abortions in this relatively small, extremely Catholic and traditional country is somewhere between 48,000 and 240,000. I don’t have to be a mathematician or a logician to understand that you cannot simply apply one country’s statistics to another totally different country and expect your estimate to be even minutely accurate. Reminds me a lot of former US abortionist and NARAL co-founder turned pro-life hero Bernard Nathanson and his admittance of the gross over-blown estimations that were continuously repeated in order to gain public sympathy for the sale of their permissive abortion program.

                What absolutely tears my heart into pieces is that Rebecca Gomperts, her foundation, and those who support her, genuinely and sincerely believe that they are actually helping their fellow sisters. As if helping them kill their own children is a great act of love. As if putting them at risk for persistent bleeding, increased mental health risks, and even death is doing them a great service. I do not doubt these women’s sincere intentions but the disturbing truth is that these misguided women are leading the charge for a sinister culture of death that is infecting our entire globe.

                This is a culture of death hidden in an aesthetically pleasing exterior shrouded by the many webs of smooth rhetoric tangled up with absolute lies. This is a culture of death that strips away a human’s right to life on the ridiculous grounds that, although they may be humans, they do not fit our relative political and legal definition of a person. Haven’t we heard this broken tune enough in our troublesome history to recognize its ugly sound?

                Although Hoechst’s former links to Farben and the chemical extermination of millions and their current aid in the culture of death that has slain so many babies is not exactly the same, it is also not so much different. From Frankfurt, Germany to Poland the culture of death has taken so many innocent casualties in our past and continues to do so in the form of the RU-486 pills currently being flown across their borders. This culture of death will continue to pervade the minds of our society and media if we simply turn a blind eye to it and rationalize the killing of so many by feebly mouthing the useless words, “I am not here to judge”.

                As an extremely proud Polish-Canadian growing up hearing about the horrors of the dehumanization and unjustified killing of so many of my kinsmen, I simply cannot look away and make-believe that all is right and just. I leave you all with this one last thought to ponder:

                In the Auschwitz concentration camp there is a prominently displayed sign with a quote from philosopher George Santayana that contains these wise and powerful words: “The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again.”

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