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Four alarm outrage over mifegymiso

Back in April I blogged about the radical pro-abortionists who were up in arms about Health Canada requirements in dispensing Mifegymiso. Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights was furious that physicians would have to oversee the patient taking their first dose of this abortifacient. Now it seem columnists with Radio Canada International and the  Globe and Mail  are outraged over these protocols. My, my, where will it end?

The thing is, I’m not a doctor but then, neither are most readers. When people hear that these are bad practices not best practices, they might believe it.

But we aren’t most people. We’re pro-life.

Take this from the G&M commentary: “Under the tight Health Canada rules, the abortion pill can be dispensed only by doctors. Family physicians will thus be expected to double as retail pharmacists – maintaining stock, liaising with distributors, processing sales, developing pharmacological expertise and finding time for a transaction that could be handled as a matter of course at the prescription counter of a neighbourhood drug store.” That sounds HORRIBLE. Cue the coat hangers.

Except, have you or anyone you know, ever received an allergy shot from your doctor? You’ll know doctors also have to stock, liaise with distributors, process sales, develop pharmacological expertise and find time to administer the dose AND keep the patient in the waiting room for 30 minutes after they’ve had their needle. Somehow that’s best practices, not bad practices.

Not being a physician hasn’t stopped me from my own righteous indignation over the protocols in dispensing this human pesticide. I think it is a poisonous pill given without any redeeming medical purpose. It should never have been approved but now that it is, let’s be exceedingly cautious in providing it. How is it that a woman’s health is worth so little to the pro-abortion forces working together out there, and that an unborn baby is worth even less?

Indeed, it comes back to this always: to be pro-life is to be pro-woman.

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