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JT is best-dressed AND most committed to abortion. So Proud!

OMG! This is huge! Are you ready for this?

Our Prime Minister has just made Vanity Fair’s best-dressed list and everyone is talking about it.

I am so proud of our well-dressed style-icon. We are so lucky.

Here is another list that our PM has made. You may not have heard of this one. 

Most committed to killing pre-born babies in the developing world

The previous government committed billions of Canadian dollars for its internationally applauded global maternal, child and newborn health initiative which has prevented the deaths of mothers and children worldwide. This global effort focused on life-saving healthcare instead of abortion, a life-ending procedure. Last year, Justin Trudeau campaigned on reversing the no-abortion policy, and in 2016, on the eve of the National March for Life in Ottawa, as if to tell Campaign Life Coalition and all pro-life Canadians to take a hike, he decided to make his abortion funding policy official. Millions of Canadian tax dollars are now being spent on killing the babies of poor African women. If they knew, most Canadians wouldn’t feel comfortable with that. Hopefully they would join us in trying to put an end to the killing. 

The Liberal party claims that they support abortion only where it is legal and then, they hand over more than $80 million to UNFPA, a UN entity whose raison d’etre is to depopulate the developing world through aggressive contraception and abortion campaigns and policies, not just in countries where it’s legal, but especially in countries where it is illegal.  Next week, Justin Trudeau is hosting The Global Fund Fifth Replenishment Conference which takes place in Montréal, Quebec September 16-17, 2016. Back in May, the Liberal Government promised to give $785 million to the fund over the next three years. The event website states that “this conference represents an historic opportunity for Canada and the world to end epidemics of three of the world’s most devastating diseases—AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.”

Abortion activists however, have a clever way of high-jacking discussions on solutions to serious global problems with their own agenda on abortion ‘rights’. I am curious to see how our PM’s friends and allies at the Global Fund manage to integrate killing pre-born babies into the discussion this time.

I am so proud of our fashionista PM. 


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