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Molly was a baby

Bill C225 Molly and Cassie’s Law didn’t pass as we all know. It had the word pre-born in it, so it was doomed to fail, as it would have if the word unborn had been used instead.

You see, we in the pro-life movement have come to realize that those two words conjure up psychotic responses in pro-abortion feminists, in their dystopic world view. And apparently it does in Liberals too.

Perhaps they actually have a point. I mean really, who says unborn? Who says pre-born? When our sisters, daughters, co-workers and neighbours are pregnant, do we not ask: How is the baby? How big is the baby? Is the baby kicking? WHO SAYS UNBORN?

Oh, wait, we do. We say it in the context of abortion. We never say it in our real lives. We say it in our activist lives.  All the time. We do it, because we want to humanize the pro-abortion narrative by addressing the fact there is an unborn baby for every born baby. It’s the same baby. Baby, baby, baby. There, should I say it more often? Molly was one. A baby. Baby, baby, baby.

Well, let’s take the gloves off. Let’s call it as we see it and throw caution to the wind next time. Look for it: The Protection of Pregnant Women and Their Babies Act (Cassie and Molly’s Law), coming to a House near you.

We clearly have nothing to lose.

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