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MP Dane Lloyd

Conservative Party, Sturgeon River - Parkland, AB


Dane Lloyd
CLC rating: Pro-life, pro-family
Rating Comments: Rating based on conversation with CLC representative.
First elected (yyyy.mm.dd): October 23, 2017
Previous Occupation: Assistant to MP Michael Cooper; Canadian Army reservist.
Birthdate (yyyy.mm.dd): 1990
Percentage in last election: 77.4% (2017 by-election)
Victory margin last election: 65.4% (2017 by-election)
Religion / Faith: Christian


Dane Lloyd
Parliamentary Office
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6
Tel: 613-996-9778
Fax: 613-996-0785
Constituency Offices
4807 - 44 Avenue, Suite 102
Stony Plain, Alberta
T7Z 1V5
Tel: 780-823-2050
Fax: 780-823-2055


Here is Dane Lloyd's voting record relating to life and family issues:

Votes, Surveys and Policy Decision Vote Score
Conservative Motion (Vote #459) to exempt some (but not all) employers from having to sign an attestation in support of Justin Trudeau’s personal, Liberal social values, as a pre-condition to access federal funding to hire students via the Canada Summer Jobs Program. The motion sought to exempt organizations that engage in activities such as feeding the homeless and helping refugees from have to affirm their agreement with Justin Trudeau’s Liberal values.
This was a clever trap to get Liberals on record voting to defund organizations that feed the hungry and serve refugees. As far as a political shaming exercise goes, it was effective, with all but one Liberal MP voting to not allow conscientious objection by employers (of a non-political non-activist nature) from having to pledge loyalty to abortion and transgender ideology, in exchange for federal funds. Liberal and NDP MPs voted almost unanimously against the motion, revealing just how radically devoted to in-utero child-killing they are. The shame heaped on those rabidly pro-abortion MPs is well-deserved, and so, Campaign Life Coalition has given them a negative score for this vote. All Conservative MPs who were present voted in favour of the motion. Nonetheless, CLC cannot count this a positive vote because the motion was half-hearted, cowardly, and represented a betrayal of the pro-life movement, surrendering pro-life organizations to continued Liberal tyranny. The motion does not seek to protect ALL Canadian employers from being coerced to pledge fealty to abortion and transgender ideology in exchange for government funding. Another major problem was that implicit in the motion, the Scheer Conservatives gave tacit approval for Justin Trudeau to continue his ideological discrimination against some employers. Namely, those employers who engage in pro-life “political activist work”. Why should Conservatives betray front line workers in the pro-life movement to this Liberal tyranny? Why is it acceptable to violate our constitutional rights to freedom of religion and conscience? Are our rights any less important than those of other employers? It is our tax money that is being distributed too. Our conscience rights are to be respected, as are those of every other Canadian citizen. The Scheer Conservatives threw under the bus, the many front-line pro-life workers in organizations like Campaign Life Coalition, Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform and Toronto Right To Life, who sacrifice so much to save preborn human lives. This motion could have protected all Canadians, but the Conservatives chose not to protect us all from Justin Trudeau’s ideological coercion. As a pro-life party Leader, Andrew Scheer could also have chosen to use this motion to advance debate on abortion and the right to life. Instead, he passed up that opportunity by carefully avoiding any mention of the word “abortion” in the motion itself, as well as in any comments made by himself or other MPs. It seems reasonable to conclude that orders were given by Scheer’s office that Conservative MPs must not mention the A-word. This represents a second betrayal. For this reason, Yes votes by Conservative MPs have been scored as neutral. [Vote March 19, 2018 - defeated 207 to 93]
Yes --
Bill C45 - 3rd reading of a bill to legalize the possession and recreational use of cannabis (commonly known as marijuana).
Dubbed the Cannabis Act, this irresponsible bill was introduced on April 13, 2017 by Liberal Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould. Though purportedly introduced to help keep marijuana out of the hands of children, Bill C45 would actaully have the opposite effect. The bill would not only legalize the possession of up to 30 grams of cannabis by individuals 18 years of age and over for purely recreational use, but it would also remove any criminal penalties for children aged 12 to 17 who possess up to five grams of marijuana, and would further allow people to freely grow marijuana in their own homes, even if children are present. This would make marijuana more accessible than ever before to children from the hands of possessing adults, and the dramatically increased access and societal acceptance of open marijuana use would excite the appeal and desirability of this dangerous, mind-impairing gateway drug among children and youth. [Vote Nov. 27, 2017 - passed 200 to 82]
No ok


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