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Attend Hamilton's Regional Policy Meeting for the CPC - Feb 20

Dear supporter of life & family values,

One of the last remaining political institutions where pro-life and pro-family Canadians are still welcome, is now at risk of being taken over by forces that despise traditional values... and the people who adhere to them.

We need your help to hold that ground, and keep it a safe space for Canadians who believe in traditional moral values.

If you've been following the news over the past year, you already know that pro-abortion, anti-family and anti-religion forces have taken over the federal Liberal Party.


Liberal policy: No choice, but "pro-choice"

Under Justin Trudeau the Liberal Party has become officially pro-abortion and doesn't even allow pro-life Canadians to run as candidates.

As a matter of policy, all Liberal MPs must vote in favour of abortion, even if they believe it to be the killing of an innocent baby. The NDP has had the same totalitarian policy for many years already.

The Conservative Party now remains the only mainline political party that welcomes pro-life Canadians to run as candidates, and which allows MPs to vote their conscience on abortion, as well as other moral issues.


Liberal policy: Pass the "Bathroom Bill"

Justin Trudeau has pledged that his Liberal government will reintroduce the transsexual "Bathroom Bill" which seeks to give biological males the legal right to enter girls washrooms, change rooms and showers.

We have no doubt Prime Minister Trudeau will require all Liberal MPs to vote in favour of this - even if it violates their conscience - just as he dictates on the abortion issue.

This reckless bill was previously sponsored as an NDP private member's bill, numerous times. However, each time it was proposed by the NDP, Stephen Harper's Conservative government defeated it.

Conservative opposition was centred primarily on the legitimate concern that male sexual predators and "peeping toms" could use the law as a loophole, by pretending to be "transgendered" in order to get in close quarters with female victims. 

The Liberal government's passage into law of this bill would put even more pressure on Ontario's schools, both Catholic and Public, to teach 3rd graders that being a boy or a girl is merely a "social construct", unrelated to one's bodily reality.  

Will the Conservative Party continue to uphold the security and privacy rights of young girls, by opposing this "Bathroom Bill" madness?

"Red Tories" trying to take over  the Conservative Party

The Conservative Party Policy handbook currently states that its MPs must be allowed a free vote on moral issues like abortion.

The policy also states that the Conservative Party "supports legislation defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman". 

However, "Red tory" members of the party are working to banish socially conservative values from the CPC... forever!

These Red Tories (also known as "social liberals" ") have announced plans to eradicate pro-family values from the CPC's official policy declaration.

A gay-activist group calling itself LGBTory is seeking to delete the CPC policy on natural marriage. 
But rest assured, Red Tories will not stop at merely erasing the family-friendly policies from the CPC handbook.

They will eventually make moves to have the CPC put its full support behind the "Bathroom Bill's" gender identity ideology. 

Eventually, Red Tories may also try getting the CPC to ban pro-life candidates, like the Liberals and NDP have done, and to officially embrace the killing of preborn children via abortion.


On Saturday February 20th, STOP the Red Tories

[:job:], if you're already a paid-up member of the CPC, you can help us stop the Red Tories by simply showing up at a "Regional Policy Meeting" in Toronto this Saturday, and casting your vote.

This Regional Policy Meeting is organized by the CPC to allow grass roots members - like you - the ability to propose, and vote on, the future policies of the party. 

Not only will you be able to vote against the LGBTory resolution on marriage, you'll also be able to support a bunch of good policy resolutions that will be put forward by socially conservative members.

The meeting details are below. Please prayerfully consider attending.


DATE:   February 20

TIME:     10:00am - 3:45pm

LOCATION: Hamilton Police Association, 555 Upper Wellington Street, Hamilton, ON   (view a map)



Can we count on you?

Thank you and God bless,           

The Campaign Life Coalition Team