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Mission Vancouver: pro-life delegates, assemble!

Dear pro-life supporter,

If you're a member of the federal Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), we urgently need your help.

Please consider speaking to the President of your Electoral District Association (EDA) about becoming a delegate for the May 26-28th CPC policy convention that will take place in Vancouver.  If you can make the financial sacrifice of going on a trip to BC, we want you there. Your presence is needed to vote in favour of excellent policies that have been advanced by other pro-life/pro-family grassroots CPC members. If they pass in Vancouver, they will become official policy to guide the Conservative Party into the future.  

Often, the EDA will reimburse delegates between $500 to $1,500 to help cover the cost of travel and accommodations, depending on the financial health of the EDA.

Many pro-life/pro-family policy resolutions have already been passed at CPC Regional Policy Meetings throughout the country, with broad support by grassroots Conservatives. For that reason, we expect these policy resolutions to make it the floor of the Vancouver convention for a vote.

Click here to view a list of those important policies.

In addition, we'll need pro-life/family delegates to vote against a dangerous resolution by a gay-activist organization called LGBTory. The passage of this anti-family resolution could potentially demoralize the Party's social conservative base, and at the same time, open the door for socially liberal red tories to begin advocating that the CPC adopt the same position as the Liberals and NDP, of banning pro-life Canadians from running as candidates.  

This convention is nothing less than a battle for the soul of the Conservative Party.

How can I become a delegate?

All 338 EDAs across Canada have already had a delegate selection meeting where up to 10 CPC members in the riding where selected as delegates to represent the riding association in Vancouver. However, the reality is that most EDAs did not fill the 10 vacancies.  Due to the cost of airfare, hotels, and the delegate fee itself, there are few people in each EDA who are willing to attend. This is probably the situation in your EDA too.  

Please email or phone your EDA President, say that you're interested in going to Vancouver as a delegate, and ask if there are still vacant spots. If there are indeed unfilled delegate spots, and presuming your CPC membership is still valid, the EDA President can simply add you to the list. 

Even if the President informs you that the 10 spots are filled, ask to be added to the list of "Alternate Delegates", so that if someone drops off the delegate list for whatever reason, you're in line to take their spot. It is very often the case that individuals selected as delegates end up changing their mind about attending, or run into a scheduling conflict. 

To discuss this opportunity in greater detail with a Campaign Life Coalition representative, please phone us at 416-204-9749, or toll-free at 1-800-730-5358. Or send us an email at  It is vital that if you become a delegate or get on the Alternate Delegates list, that you tell us who you are and provide a means for us to contact you by phone.  Once in Vancouver, we'll be meeting with pro-life/family delegates.


Thank you for responding to this opportunity to infuse pro-life and pro-family policies in the Conservative Party policy declaration.