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The amazing flip-flopper, Patrick Brown

Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum has once again become the hottest topic in the world of Canadian news.

On Friday, a personally signed letter by PC Leader Patrick Brown hit the media headlines. In the letter, Brown publicly declared that if he becomes Premier, his government would “scrap” the curriculum.



"Upon being elected, a PC Government would scrap the controversial changes to sex-ed introduced by Premier Wynne and develop a new curriculum after thoughtful and full consultation with parents.”
                                     -Letter by Patrick Brown, Aug. 24, 2016 [view]

As you can expect, the liberal mainstream media started attacking Brown.

That was Friday. By Saturday, Brown’s closest advisor, Walied Soliman, tweeted journalists with a complete reversal of that policy, reassuring them that Patrick Brown would NOT repeal the curriculum.

That was an astounding 24-hour flip-flop. Even in the world of weathervane politicians who set policy based on the direction of the wind, Brown and team have set a flip-flop record.

By late Monday afternoon, Patrick Brown completed his betrayal of parents and children by publishing a column in the Toronto Star asserting that he strongly supports Kathleen Wynne's radical sex ed program and will never repeal it. He even channelled Kathleen Wynne by slandering moms and dads who oppose the curriculum, as agents of "intolerance".

At either the federal or provincial level, it is unprecedented to see a Conservative Leader go so over the top in defending and advancing the Liberal government's policy. Brown seems to have forgotten the PCs are supposed to be the official "Opposition", rather than Kathleen Wynne's personal cheerleaders.

Why did he promise to repeal in the first place?

Because Brown was trying to win over voters in the Scarborough-Rouge River byelection where an independent candidate endorsed by Campaign Life Coalition, Ms. Queenie Yu, threatened to steal enough votes to cause the PCs to lose.

Ms. Yu is campaigning on the sole issue of repealing the curriculum. Both CLC and our friends at PAFE have aggressively supporting Queenie’s campaign and it is making a big impact in the riding.

The byelection is expected to be very close – possibly to be decided by just a few hundred votes – and Brown became very worried that our candidate would steal enough votes from his candidate, Raymond Cho, to cause the PC’s to lose.

Of course, that was precisely our strategy, which had the objective of putting pressure on Patrick Brown to publicly pledge he’ll repeal the curriculum.

Our strategy worked. With only 7 days to go before Election Day, the now very worried Mr. Brown sent a signed letter addressed to "Parents”, to 13,000 thousand homes in Scarborough-Rouge River. In the letter he promising to “scrap” the curriculum.

The PC Leader’s letter was designed to steal votes back from CLC’s candidate, Queenie Yu. And it is a tactic that is likely to work because the overwhelming majority in the riding – consisting largely of socially conservative new immigrants - are strongly opposed to Kathleen Wynne’s radical sex ed.

Why say one thing to Scarborough residents and the opposite to journalists?

It seems foolish to contradict one’s self so publicly. At best, he risks looking like a weak and uncertain leader. At worst, he risks looking like a two-faced liar. So why employ such a risky tactic?

We can only guess that Brown is counting on the thousands of Scarborough voters who read his letter, to NOT follow the news reports about his recanting the promise, and to still vote for him based on the letter.

He may be thinking that he can woo Scarborough parents with his right hand, and with his left, keep the liberal media elites pacified that he’s not really going to touch their beloved sex ed agenda.

In short, Brown is counting on these immigrant voters to not have read mainstream news reports so that they vote PC on the false presumption that Brown will scrap the curriculum as soon as he becomes Premier.

This theory seems to be supported by a statement that the gay-activist LGBTory group put out immediately following the publication of Brown’s letter. In the LGBTory statement, they claim they spoke with Brown to express their disagreement with repealing the curriculum, and that he calmed them down by promising that he would not repeal any of the elements that promote homosexuality and transgenderism to children.



“We have explained our concerns about the curriculum in detail to Patrick Brown, and his response to us has reassured us that he does not intend to remove pro-LGBT elements from the document. We will continue to work with him and the OPC to make sure this happens.”
                                               -LGBTory statement on sex-ed letter [Source].   

Next step: Make Brown feel the heat

All of this flip-flopping and duplicity by Brown’s team means that Campaign Life Coalition supporters need to keep supporting Queenie Yu’s anti-Wynne-Sex-Ed campaign in Scarborough-Rouge River.

Let’s prove to Brown that there is a political cost to selling parents and children down the river, by making sure Yu ends up receiving a lot of votes. Ideally it’ll be enough to deprive Patrick Brown of a new MPP at Queen’s Park.

At the same time, a strong showing for candidate Yu will demonstrate to the Liberals and NDP that many parents in Scarborough-Rouge River reject the sexualisation of children inherent in Kathleen Wynne’s sex curriculum.

If you live within driving distance of Scarborough-Rouge River, please volunteer for Queenie Yu. She needs help installing lawn signs, delivering literature door-to-door, making phone calls, etc. Contact her campaign at 647-465-0395 or volunteer through her web form.

Please also make a donation to help candidate Yu with the cost of lawn signs, literature and telephone outreach to voters.


God bless,                 

The Campaign Life Coalition Team

P.S.: Please join the next major protest against this pedophile-influenced sex curriculum designed by convicted child pornographer, Benjamin Levin. The rally will take place at Queen's Park in Toronto, on Wednesday September 21st.  Posters and RSVP by clicking here.