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Professor's Heroic Stand Against Political Correctness

In a courageous, ground-breaking 3-part video series, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, exposes in precise detail the psychological manipulation and creeping totalitarianims that lies behind the federal Liberal government's transgenderist Bill C-16. The oppessive Bill is favoured by the governing Liberal, the NDP, the Bloc Quebecois, and the sole Green Party MP, as well as many unwary Conservatives.

You have never seen anything like this video series, and it will change the way you view your government and the insidious agenda it is imposing upon the Canadian people.

Part 1: Fear and the Law

In this first video, Dr. Peterson destroys Bill C-16, the Liberal Bathroom Bill, calling it totalitarian and explaining using scientific justification, and his knowledge as a clinical psychologist and scientific researcher, of why it’s all politically correct nonsense. This information is gold in the way it it boldy exposes the fraud of "gender identity theory".


Part 2: Compulsory Political Education: A Real World Case Study at the University of Toronto

This second video focuses on Dr. Peterson's exploration of the two main tendencies of creeping totalitarianism: (a) Radical Egalitarianism and (b) Censorship and Language-Control. He also analyses how totalitarianism works by exploiting a fundamental human personality tendency called "trait agreeableness".


Part 3: The PC Game (and some tactics to counter it)

In this part, Dr. Peterson proposes a simple campaign to help people safely express their disagreement with this politically correct garbage. Although it’s not focused on C-16, it’s worthwhile watching because it demonstrates that it is actually possible to fight back against the PC thought police, using creative strategies.