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Free speech & female privacy rights under threat after passage of transgender Bill

A truly dangerous and radical bill just passed third reading in the House of Commons on Friday November 18.  Privacy rights for women and young girls, as well as religious freedom for Christians and people of other faiths, now rests in the hands of Canada's Senate.

If the Senate passes this amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Code, which adds the terms “gender identity” and “gender expression” as specially-protected classes of people, the bill will become law.

There was not even a recorded vote, suggesting that Interim Leader Rona Ambrose, may have made a deal with the Liberals, so that the public would have no means of knowing how their MP voted on it.  

Privacy rights of women under threat

Should C-16 pass, biological males who claim to be "a woman trapped in a man's body", even if they've never had a sex change, and even if they do not dress in female attire, will acquire the legal right to access girls bathrooms, change rooms, and showers.

Think about this. Grown men who claim to be women in their minds, will be able to access washrooms and change rooms with little girls. Doesn’t this raise concerns of making it easier for sexual predators and peeping toms, to get in close quarters with potential victims, by pretending to be “transgendered”?

Whatever happened to “women’s rights”, one might ask?

Free speech and religious freedom  under threat

Bill C-16 makes speech that is critical of the theory of gender identity, or even the questioning of transgenderism as a lifestyle or an ideology, into a prosecutable "hate crime".  

Teachers, employers and co-workers who refuse to use the invented pronouns being pushed by the transgender lobby and their allies in the media, such “zhe” instead of “she” or “zher” instead of “her”, may find themselves accused of hate speech.

Those MPs who voted in favour of the Liberal government bill, are apparently unaware, or do not care, that  transgender activists will certainly use this legislation not as a shield, but as  a sword.  

This law, if passed, will be used especially to target biblical world-view Christians for harassment, for destruction of reputation, and for persecution through false allegations of "hate speech".

This bill provides for jail time and ruinous fines for people found guilty of "offensive" speech under the bill. Get that? Guilty for your speech! Not guilty for actual acts of violence, or for encouraging people to commit violence, but simply speech that transgender activists find “hurtful” or “offensive”.  

The bill was purposely written with vague, open-ended wording so that any criticism of the theory of "gender identity", which, incidentally, has no scientific basis, can be interpreted as "hate speech".  

Likewise, it is written with ill-defined, ambiguous terms so that any religious or moral objection to transgender ideology can be interpreted as "hate speech".

A sword not a shield

The bill's promoters claim that the legislation is necessary to protect persons who identify as "transgendered".

In reality, it will not be used as any kind of shield to protect gender-confused individuals from discrimination, but rather, as a sword, to humiliate and oppress Christians and people of faith in general.  

In essence, the bill was a gift to radical transgender activists, from the Trudeau government, to empower them with an effective weapon to silence Canadians with whom they disagree.

Ask your Senators to protect freedom of speech and women's privacy rights

Our last hope of protecting the free speech rights of individuals and institutions in Canada now lies with convincing Senators to defeat Bill C-16.  Our final chance to keep female private spaces private, lies with the Senate vote.

Please find a complete list of all of Canada's Senators, by clicking here.

A separate listing of Ontario's Senators can be found here.

Please also sign our petition to the Senate here (coming soon).




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