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The 2018 provincial election in Ontario

The writ has dropped and Ontario’s 42nd general election is underway.

CLC is working hard to support all the pro-life and pro-family candidates that we’ve identified across the province. Recently, shocking events within the Ontario PC Party caught pro-lifers and social conservatives off guard. On May 5, the party dropped Tanya Granic Allen as its democratically-elected candidate in the riding of Mississauga Centre.

Since then, pro-lifers have been reaching out to PC leader Doug Ford, encouraging him (should his party form the next provincial government) to keep his promise of repealing the radical sex-ed curriculum – the one that came into force under Premier Kathleen Wynne. So far, Ford has been saying the right things, which is encouraging, but actions will speak louder than words. Meanwhile, Tanya is vowing to continue being a strong voice for parental rights and family values.

Now, more than ever, pro-lifers are being called on to impact change. If you’d like to help a pro-life candidate, let us know by sending us an email.

CLC’s detailed candidate ratings by riding will be available online very soon to help guide voters on how to cast their ballots.


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