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Voting information for the Ontario PC Party Leadership race

The voting process is starting in the Ontario PC Party’s leadership race. Currently, we’re in the first stage: voter registration. Here's a helpful guide to walk you through how this works.

Step One in the voting process has begun!

In order to vote, you MUST have purchased a membership in the Ontario PC Party NO LATER THAN February 16, 2018.

Now that you are a registered member, you can start the process of voting. If you signed up friends and family, we ask that you PLEASE HELP them in this process.

In order to vote, you must have access to the internet, and must have an email address.

Please read the instructions below on what you need to do.

Part 1 – Your ID Verification must be completed by 11:59 p.m. on March 5th

1) By end of day on Thursday March 1st, you should receive a letter in the mail from the Ontario PC Party. Inside that envelope, you will find your 12-character Verification Code and a website link (

2) Go to that website link (, enter your Verification Code and press “Submit.” Please note, the number “0” (zero) and the letter “O” might look the same. The number “2” and the letter “Z” might look the same. The number “1” and the letter “l” might look the same. If you get an error message, try entering the Verification Code again. If you are still having a problem entering the Verification Code, email the team at

3) Once you submit your code, you will be prompted to enter and review your information (name, current address, email). Verify that the information is correct and/or make changes. This is also to verify your EMAIL ADDRESS where the Ontario PC Party will EMAIL your ballot. If you do not have an email address, you MUST create one. If you need help, please ask a family member or a friend.

Please note that up to six people living at the same household can use the same email address. This is important for families with children and elderly who may not have their own email address.

4) Once your information is verified, you now must upload a photo or a scan of your ID. If you don’t know how to upload a photo, or make a scan, please ask a family member or friend to help you. If you still need help, email the team at and we will help you.

You will need to scan your ID, or take a picture of it with your phone. You can then email it to yourself, and save it on your computer. Then you will need to upload it to the website using the "attach" icon.

The party says your personal information will be stored on a secure server and will remain confidential. After the leadership race, the party says all that information will be destroyed.

Even though the deadline is March 5th at 11:59 p.m., please do not wait until the last minute because you could risk not being approved in time to vote.

Which ID should you use?

The easiest ID to use is your Driver’s Licence or your Provincial ID card because they contain BOTH your PHOTO and your ADDRESS.

If you do not have a Driver’s Licence or a Provincial ID card with both your photo and your current address, then you must upload two pieces of ID, one which has your photo, and one which has your address.

Some examples of OTHER acceptable photo ID are: Passport, Old Age Security Card, Citizenship Card, Firearms Licence.

Some examples of OTHER address ID are: a bank statement, a Government Benefits statement, a Government cheque, or a personal cheque.

For a complete list, please click here.

Step 2 – Voting must be completed between March 2 and March 8.

Voting takes place online between March 2 and March 8. You will receive an email from the Party with further voting information and a link to where you can cast your vote. Please check your email and if it’s not there, check your junk/spam box.

Please keep an eye out for communications by CLC or Tanya's team for any updates on the voting process.

But for right now, please UPLOAD your ID right away so that you may be able to vote.

IF YOU NEED HELP WITH THIS PROCESS and you don’t have a family member or friend to help you, please email or PHONE (519) 900-5571.


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