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Got a sex ed horror story?

Dear Ontario supporter of parental rights,

Premier Ford's administration is being bombarded daily with propaganda organized by the mainstream media and the powerful teachers unions, trying to make it appear that a majority of Ontarians don't want Ford to repeal the Wynne/Levin child sexualization curriculum.

The dishonest mainstream media has resorted to putting out fake news articles that claim "transgendered children" and "LGBT youth" will literally die if the Liberal sex curriculum gets repealed. Of course, that's just fear mongering nonsense. The left is just to try stirring up emotions so that people can't think straight. 

How can we fight back against the hyped up emotionalism that the media and their union allies are trying to stir up, so as to innoculate Doug Ford and the Education Minister from falling prey to all this media-generated propaganda?

One way to show the government just how harmful the Wynne sex curriculum is to children, is to share the horror stories that many parents, students and teachers have already experienced as a result of the sex curriculum.

For example, we've heard of one little girl who broke out in tears when she got home to her parents after a lesson was taught in class about the theory of gender identity.  She was traumatized by the lesson, terrified that that she might suddenly "turn into a boy", and didn't want that to happen. 

We heard another story of a Christian child who was suspended from his elementary school for a whole week for the "crime" of objecting to lessons on transgenderism and homosexuality which he felt contradicted his family's biblical beliefs. 

But the oppression and persecution by the school administration didn't stop there.

The parents - who were immigrants and did not have a perfect command of English - were told that if the child did not make a public apology to the whole class for his beliefs, that he would be permanently expelled from school. Under duress, and terrified by this power which the administration held over their heads, the Christian family agreed to this exercise in public humiliation. They poor parents sent their son to school and made him essentially apologize for his religious beliefs. 

These types of stories are happening all over Ontario, but parents are unwilling to go public for fear of being called a bigot, or in case the school retaliates against their children.   

But these stories are powerful. We need to collect them and share them, even if we have to keep any identifying details of the families anonymous.

If you have a sex ed horror story, please email it to us here. When you send your story, let us know if you want identifying details to be kept anonymous.

Or, if you’re fed up and ready to go public about what you endured, we can work with that too.