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FREE SPEECH ALERT! Ask Premier Ford to repeal the bubble zone censorship law.

Premier Doug Ford has given us fresh hope that his administration may have the moral courage to repeal Kathleen Wynne’s unconstitutional ban on pro-life expression near abortion facilities.

On August 30th, the Ontario government announced that Ontario colleges and universities that don’t have a free-speech policy by January 2019 would face funding cuts. The announcement also directed these academic institutions to withhold students' unions money should they not do the same.

This announcement makes it evident that the Ford Administration places a high value on our constitutional right to Freedom of Speech.

Now is the time. Let’s encourage Premier Ford to keep driving the free speech train to its next stop… repealing Bill 163, the Liberal censorship law which criminalized free speech on taxpayer-owned public sidewalks near abortion centres.

CLC’s two-part strategy for success

Part 1: Online petition addressed personally to Doug Ford, to be delivered to his office

Please sign our brand new, online petition asking the Premier to repeal Bill 163, by clicking here. It makes the argument that since protecting free speech is clearly a high priority of his Administration, Premier Ford must go further than just defending free speech on college campuses.

Then share the online petition with your email contacts, Facebook friends, and other social media networks you might have.

Part 2: Hardcopy paper petition, to be delivered to individual MPPs and read aloud in the legislature

We’ve also created an alternate version for hard copy signatures that we need your help to share in your church network and other social circles. This hardcopy version is in a format that will be accepted by the Legislative Assembly, and which can then be read aloud at Queen’s Park by MPPs.

Download the paper version by clicking here, and sign it. Then fill up the page and return it to CLC. We’ll organize petitions by riding once we accumulate enough of them, and then deliver them to individual MPPs.

Two reasons why CLC believes Ford can be encouraged to act

Number one, when we spoke directly with Mr. Ford during the PC Leadership race, he shared with us that he disagrees with the Liberal censorship legislation, Bill 163, on the basis of free speech.

Number two, we believe that Doug is listening intently to the voters who elected him, and genuinely wants to be an advocate “for the people”.

For example, on June 11th CLC launched an online petition demanding that the Premier repeal the child-abusive, Wynne/Levin sex curriculum. It quickly reached 16,000 signatures from Ontario parents and concerned citizens.

On July 12th, Premier Ford not only announced that he would conduct a total repeal of Wynne’s sex curriculum, but he even featured it prominently in his Throne Speech.

Notwithstanding the degree of backsliding that subsequently occurred with the unscientific theory of gender identity still being mentioned in Minister Lisa Thompson’s interim curriculum, this is still a strong indicator that Ford is listening to the people.

Help Campaign Life Coalition save the free speech rights of pro-life Ontarians! If we can get at least as many signatures on our Repeal Bill 163 petition as we did on sex ed, it may help persuade Premier Ford to drive his free speech train all the way to Liberty Station!




Jeff Gunnarson
Campaign Life Coalition

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