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Help faith-filled Catholics win the HCDSB school trustee election

Dear Supporter,

If you're a Catholic ratepayer and eligible to vote for Catholic School Trustees, here's some great news!

(Public school ratepayers: please see the bottom of this email for voting info in the public board..., but also help spread the word about the endorsed candidates below to your Catholic neighbours and friends. Thank you!)

We're delighted to be supporting seven pro-life and pro-family trustee candidates running for the Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB) in the October 22nd municipal elections!

Below is our Voters Guide with assessments of all 7 of our faithfully pro-life, pro-family trustee candidates and incumbents running for the HCDSB: 













These candidates are running in three of the wards within the HCDSB, namely the Oakville ward, Burlington ward, and the Milton ward.

We're also pleased to report that all of the incumbent trustees who contributed to the demolition of the board's Catholic identity by voting in an anti-Catholic manner, for example, against Catholic teaching on sexual morality, are not running again in this election. Praise be to God!

However, there will still be other contenders competing against our good candidates, and many of them will hold secular views on the Catholic faith and morals.

In fact, some of them will be in the pocket of the OECTA teachers union which is notoriously anti-Catholic.

The union is constantly pushing LGBT ideology and even fighting against a Sanctity of Life policy that was passed at the board to promote a pro-life ethic within the broader school community.

Don't let OECTA's dangerous, anti-Catholic candidates win!



Our candidates desperately need your support in a number of different ways, otherwise, they will not win.

Please consider committing to taking one or more of the following actions:

  • Volunteer on the election campaign of one or more pro-life candidates in your area
    (Note: even if you're not eligible to vote for the Catholic board, you can still volunteer)
  • Request a lawn sign for your property
    (Even if you can't vote in the Catholic system, you can still display a lawn sign on your property)
  • Get-out-the-vote for these candidates within your church group, parish, or other social networks by informing other Catholic ratepayers about the urgent need to save Catholic values
  • Host a coffee party at your home for one or more of the pro-life candidates and invite 10-15 friends and relatives come and meet them
  • Commit to voting in the election yourself, and recruiting at least 5 other people to do the same
  • Donate to the election campaign of one or more pro-life candidates so they can afford to purchase lawn signs, flyers, door-hangers, etc. (Don't forget CLC in your giving plans too!)

Please email us if you're willing to help with any of these action items. 

Volunteering in particular is super critical to electoral success. Our candidates need helping with phone calls, delivering literature door-to-door, installing lawn signs, canvassing, etc.

Let's take back the HCDSB for the future of our children as disciples of Jesus Christ and witnesses to the Good News of life and family!  


If you have moved outside of the jurisdiction of the HCDSB, to a different Catholic school board, please check out our web page which lists all of the known pro-life trustee candidates across the province’s 29 Catholic school boards by clicking here.

If you find a green-lit candidate in your ward for whom you want to volunteer, please let us know.


CLC is aware that many people receiving this email may be eligible to vote only in the public school board election.

If you are a public school board ratepayer, please check out our listing of supportable public trustee candidates by clicking here.


Thanks and God bless,

The Campaign Life Coalition Team