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Help make our Repeal Bill 163 petition go viral

Dear Supporter,

You were amongst the first 1,000 people to sign our petition to Doug Ford urging him to continue his defense of free speech by repealing the unconstitutional NO FREE SPEECH ZONES established by Kathleen Wynne on public, taxpayer-owned sidewalks. Thanks for helping us get there!

A few media outlets, including the Ottawa Citizen, have begun reporting on Campaign Life Coalition's lobby efforts to repeal the censorship law banning pro-life expression near abortion killing centres in Ontario.

Jack, will you please help us reach the next milestone of 5,000 signatures by sharing our petition with your friends and relatives via the following methods?

  1. Share our petition on your Facebook and urge your friends to sign. When you post it, say something like:

    "I've signed this petition which I believe is super important to protecting our democratic freedoms in Canada, and our Charter right to free speech. Will you please sign as well?"

  2. Email a link to all your email contacts and ask them to sign the petition.
  3. Pick up the phone. Call five friends whom you know to be pro-life and ask if they'd do you a favour by signing the petition.  You might also trying people whom you know to be solid Christians, even if you've never had a discussion about abortion with them. 

    Here's an example of what you could say on the phone: 

    "Hi Bob. I hope all is well tonight. Listen, I want to ask if you would consider doing me a favour.  I just signed a petition on a subject that's really near and dear to my heart. It's such an important issue in fact, that I'm trying to help make it go viral.  If I were to email or text you a link to the petition, would you please read it and consider supporting it?"

Thanks in advance for your assistance with this initiative of monumental importance to our liberty. Together, we can restore the democratic rights that the corrupt, Wynne Liberals stripped away from us.  



The Campaign Life Coalition Team

P.S.: To help CLC continue doing its life-saving work, please donate.