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Campaign Life Coalition congratulates Trost and Lemieux on strong first-ballot showing

Toronto, May 27, 2017 –Campaign Life Coalition congratulates Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux for winning nearly 16%, of the first-ballot points in the Conservative Party leadership race. This demonstrates the strength of the pro-life movement and importance of moral issues for a significant portion of the party’s base.

CLC sold more than 11,000 memberships to supporters in every province and ran a strong get out the vote campaign.

There have been socially conservative leadership candidates in the past, but never have any run on pro-life and pro-family issues the way Trost and Lemieux have in this leadership campaign. Their principled and bold stance excited many grassroots conservatives.

“Both Trost and Lemieux, the torch-bearers for the social conservative movement in Canada, finished fourth and sixth respectively and received16% of the vote” said Jeff Gunnarson, Vice President of Campaign Life Coalition. “This is very encouraging. Their supporters demonstrate that social conservatives are a large and important component of the Conservative coalition.”

The combined points for Trost and Lemieux, and those of Andrew Scheer, who has a pro-life voting record, shows the strength of the pro-life, pro-family vote. We encourage whoever is elected the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada to embrace social conservative voters and reflect their values in policy.

About Campaign Life Coalition
Campaign Life Coalition is a national, non-profit organization involved in political action and advocacy for legal and cultural change in Canada with respect to protecting human life and the family. It is non-partisan and encourages voting based on principles, not party. For more information visit

Media Contacts:
Jeff Gunnarson, Vice-President, Campaign Life Coalition 416-204-9749 ext 249 or mobile: 519-835-8201
Jack Fonseca, Spokesperson, Campaign Life Coalition 416-204-9749 ext 222 or mobile: 647-638-5433 
Johanne Brownrigg, spokesperson, Campaign Life Coalition 613-857-0236

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