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Campaign Life Coalition calls on Attorney General to uphold free speech

Toronto, May 24, 2017 – In response to a letter Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has sent to Yasir Naqvi, the Attorney General of Ontario, calling for bubble zones to be established outside abortion facilities, Campaign Life Coalition is urging the province to protect the freedom of speech and expression of all Ontarians, especially those who oppose abortion.

“Bubble zones are wrong and unnecessary”, said Mary Ellen Douglas, Ontario President for Campaign Life Coalition. “They are a direct attack on freedom of speech and expression, and the province shouldn’t give in to the demands of the abortion lobby.”

“Because we live in a province that has not provided informed consent, the people who stand outside abortion facilities, praying or handing out information, are not harassing or threatening – they are providing information about fetal development and offering alternatives to abortion,” said Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition. “There is no evidence that women seeking abortions are threatened or harmed. If anything, the only ones who feel threatened are the abortion providers and their affiliates who lose money every time a women decides not to have the abortion.”

About Campaign Life Coalition
Campaign Life Coalition is a national, non-profit organization involved in political action and advocacy for legal and cultural change in Canada with respect to protecting human life and the family. It is non-partisan and encourages voting based on principles, not party. For more information visit

Media Contacts:
Jeff Gunnarson, Vice-President, Campaign Life Coalition 416-204-9749 ext 249
Johanne Brownrigg, spokesperson, Campaign Life Coalition 613-857-0236


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