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Pro-'choice' Reaction to the #No2Trudeau Campaign

After months of delivering over one million #No2Trudeau postcards, phone-calling, and volunteering for pro-life candidates, the #No2Trudeau campaign has come to a close with the official election call on August 2nd, 2015. Carrying out the largest pro-life campaign in the history of Canada was no easy task for co-organizers CLC Youth and the Canadian Centre for Bio-ethical Reform, but with thousands of pro-life supporters across the country and dedicated full-time staff, millions of Canadians were exposed to the injustice of abortion, thousands of conversations took place via email and phone and dozens of young postcard deliverers got the tan of their lives.

Of course with such a monumentous and effective campaign comes a cornucopia of comments on social media, especially from our most vigorous opposers. Below are highlights from the pro-'choice' reaction to the #No2Trudeau campaign (with commentary). Enjoy! 


Not that far-fetched that someone who supports violence on the unborn would threaten violence on the born.

There's no greater compliment than our opposers admitting we are zealous about saving lives.

We did fail at failing to deliver one million postcards.

Oakville City Councillor Jeff Knoll equates youth pro-life activists with Al-Qaeda. 

I'm guessing this gentleman must be Jeff Knoll's campaign manager.

Thank God pro-'choicers' don't have time machines.

This reminded me of an article I once read entitled "Criminals Who Got Caught By Bragging About Their Crimes on Facebook".

He's like the Oprah of abortions.

We did survive being born in a country where it was legal to abort us at any stage of pregnancy, so he is actually quite right.

Being pro-woman to pro-'choicers' apparently means men wishing young women were aborted.

I don't think the postcard is this poor kid's biggest problem.

We get it. A pro-'choicer's' solution to dealing with people who oppose their views is to abort them.

Does anyone know a cliff we can seek?

The Liberal Party doesn't like people to know what they the strongest possible terms.

But then... this happened:

#No2Trudeau trending alongside two of the largest news stories in North America.

Stay tuned for more #No2Trudeau highlights!

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