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Toronto Abortion Clinic Manager Confirms Giant Wombs Don't Exist

When I was 13 years old, I went on my first Show the Truth tour, which drastically changed my life. After seeing what abortion actually did to an unborn baby, I knew I could not live the rest of my life pretending that hundreds of children weren’t being dismembered daily. I could not stand by and do nothing while such a violent human rights injustice was happening in my very own country.

I also could not stand by and do nothing while women with giant wombs were giving birth to giant babies who roamed the streets destroying buildings and neighborhoods with every wobbly step. You can’t even begin to imagine how confused I was when I read Susan G. Cole’s most recent article in NOW magazine about Show the Truth's tour in Toronto this week. Cole interviewed Scott Abortion Clinic Manager Maria Corsillo, who shattered everything I had ever believed about women’s wombs: 

“The truth about abortion?” says Scott Clinic Manager Maria Corsillo. “Those pictures of aborted fetuses are bigger than you or I. A womb that size doesn’t exist. If you’re an organization dedicated to the truth, why make the fetus zillions of times larger than it is”.

How could this be? Even though I’d never seen a gigantic womb, I’d heard tales. They had to be true! Could Corsillo be right? Are these pictures… dare I say it… fake?

I looked into a bit more, and by looked into it, I mean looked at the Show the Truth sign posted in the NOW article above Corsillo’s quote. The sign showed a picture of an abortion victim next to a dime. Then it hit me. The dime was there to show this picture to scale, not try and convince people of giant womb syndrome.

But something in Cole’s article still ate away at me. At the beginning of the article, she said, “Warning: You may find the images below, even though they are likely fake, disturbing”. Could it be that we were “advertising patent falsehoods” like it said in the article? I wanted to know more.  I wanted to know where exactly Show the Truth got these pictures in the first place. I found out this abortion victim photography was taken from the American pro-life organization Centre for Bioethical Reform who have a signed statement from the abortion photographer and a signed statement from an abortionist validating the authenticity of these photos. As I read, I realized these affidavits were used in lawsuits whenever abortion advocates, like Cole and Corsillo, claim these photos were fake.

These same photos were used on the #No2Trudeau postcards which were delivered to one million homes across the country.

It makes sense that the abortion industry’s best defense against this inhumane practice would be to try and convince people the photos were fake. After all, if abortion actually did dismember a baby so violently as these horrifying pictures reveal, people would stop paying abortionists to do this to their children, and their businesses would close. There are only a few jobs I can think of that someone like Corsillo, who has spent 30 years working in the abortion industry, could do.

As former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson once wrote, “fewer women would have abortions if wombs had windows”. And by "wombs", he didn’t mean gigantic ones. 

To see a video of Alissa debating NOW Magazine's Susan G Cole in CHCH's Square Off, click here.

Some young participants of this year's Show the Truth tour in Toronto


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