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Thousands of Americans, a dozen Canadians, five days and one reason: To stand for, defend and protect life from conception to natural death.

For myself who was attending the March for Life in Washington for the second time, I had in mind that this year's National March in DC would hold no surprises. My oh my, was I mistaken! As our Canadian group flew down for the March we expected the Canadian 'light flurry' which would be the equivalent of the American's dream blizzard, but nothing too harsh for the nation’s capital. However, after having our return flights grounded for days we realized that when we stand for a particular cause we must be willing to embrace it with sacrifice and endure whatever comes toward us consequentially (whether it be politically or weather wise in this case)!

Despite the snowfall, thousands of Americans from across the United States gathered in Washington to expose the life-altering consequences of abortion, dismemberment of innocent pre-born children in the womb and promote a change in the legislature to one safeguarding life from conception till natural death. Countless speakers at the youth rally touched upon the young people being the generation that will spearhead a change in this century to protect the generations to follow. One such speaker that really stood out for me was Fr. Frank Pavone who is the National Director of Priests for Life and President of the National Pro-Life Religious Council. Fr. Frank highlighted how priests and religious should not be afraid to preach about pro-life issues to their parishioners especially when citizens’ votes would overall entail whether or not the nation would be responsible for choosing a leader who’s platform directly supports the legality of abortion, euthanasia and/or end-of-life alternatives. At the pro-life expo, among the display tables set up by numerous pro-life organizations, I was very happy to see a few displays offering support for those workers in the abortion industry who are seeking to leave and more pro-adoption agencies as a pro-life alternative to abortion.

Out of all the days however, the day of the March being Friday January 22nd, 2016 would have had to be everyone’s peak! As the Canadian team assembled across the forefront of the Canadian Embassy the snowflakes started to settle on the ground. By the time the official March for Life banner crossed us at the embassy heavy snow marked the beginning of what would entail 30 continuous hours of snowfall in Washington DC. Did snow stop the pro-lifers from marching? Not one bit. Thousands and thousands of Americans from high schools, universities, organizations and even religious congregations across the nation marched for the protection of the pre-born children in the womb. Flags and banners from different states and universities were held high as different groupings of students showed their contribution in the fight for life by wearing indistinguishable hoodies and tuques. For us Canadians who were saturated in red, white and black, we received waves, high-five’s hugs and photographs from our American cousins! Conversations were sparked over everything from comparing how long flight journeys back home were to ‘what does the colour of your apparel stand for?’ It was a fruitful way of handing out invitations for the upcoming Canadian National March for Life in Ottawa on May 12th, 2016. If it is one thing pro-lifers love doing, its keeping positive and showing off brilliant smiles knowing that while abortion is no laughing matter it is one that has to be addressed with loving natures.

It’s in our hearts to give, to love, to serve and to witness. When we stand to safeguard life, we stand to save a generation. As the youth of today, if it is not us who will be prolife, then who will? The next generation? Well, in standing for the pre-born child we give the generation after us a chance. Not just a chance to be prolife, primarily the chance to live.

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