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Stopping Patrick Brown's liberal take-over of the PC Party of Ontario

After Patrick Brown admitted to filtering out popular policies submitted by hundreds of grassroots PC members across Ontario, both of the socially conservative and of the fiscal conservative variety, Campaign Life Coalition slammed the PC leader in a nationwide press release for being a corrupt dictator, stealing the right of PC members to submit and vote on the platform they want, and of putting on a rigged, sham policy convention in November.

Below are some of the news reports from the QP Briefing newspaper, CBC Radio, and the Toronto Sun which have highlighted Patrick Brown's "fixing" of the PC policy voting process and convention.  Click each image to read the article or listen to the interview. 

Fomenting the call for a PC Leadership Review

Enough is enough. Patrick Brown has to be replaced as Leader, that much is certain, and Campaign Life Coalition is leading the way in pointing out that Brown is already a failed and untrustworthy Leader who must be replaced for the good of all grassroots conservatives, and even for the long-term best interests of the PC party.

Forming alliances with other groups

CLC is also supporting a particular intitiative by a group of fed-up conservatives called Take Back Our PC Party, led by longtime conservative organizer Jim Karahalios.  They are attempting to using rules within the party's constitution to help trigger an EMERGENCY Special General Meeting of the PC Party. This Special General Meeting will seek to:

 i) Prevent Patrick Brown from choosing the policies for the party, as he is currently attempting to do.  The constitution requires giving members the ability to debate and vote at a properly-constituted policy convention, which the November "event" is not.


 ii) Block Patrick Brown from appointing candidates, which again, violates the party's constitution.

To help our friends at Take Back Our PC Party trigger that special general meeting, Campaign Life is helping them gather at least 5 signatures from every riding in the province, on a special petition form. If you are currently a provincial PC Party member, you can assist this initiative by downloading the petition form here, signing it, and then mailing the hard copy original to the address indicated on the form.  You can become a member by joining the party at







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