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From peacekeepers to abortion exporters, how will Justin Trudeau change Canada next?

Toronto, March 2, 2017 – In response to Canada’s International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau’s decision to commit 20 million dollars towards abortion funding abroad, Campaign Life Coalition is calling for the Trudeau government to redirect these funds to life-affirming health care.

“Every dollar spent on abortion is a dollar denied to the provision of the real necessities of life and genuine health care: nutrition, clean water, medicine, and safe deliveries,” said Matthew Wojciechowski, spokesperson for Campaign Life Coalition. “The current government’s decision to export abortion overseas to the tune of 20 million dollars is a complete abandonment of Canada’s previous commitments to improving maternal health. These initiatives, which did not include abortion funding and instead focused on meeting genuine health care needs, were renowned world-wide for their success in saving millions of lives.”

“The direction of our current government is diametrically opposed to long-held Canadian values. These are Trudeau’s ‘values’ which are reflected in his obsession over abortion and his kowtowing to the world’s largest abortion providers and lobby groups who will be the recipients of this funding,” said Johanne Brownrigg, public affairs officer for Campaign Life Coalition. “From peacekeepers to abortion exporters, is this what Canadians want to be known as around the world?”

CLC calls upon the official opposition to stand up and hold the Liberal government accountable and to demand it rescinds abortion funding to controversial abortion organizations and agencies.

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