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Pro-life and free speech supporters to protest Morgentaler’s abortion facility

Pro-life and free speech supporters to protest Morgentaler’s abortion facility

Ottawa, Feb 1, 2018 – Campaign Life Coalition is organizing a rally today (see Media Advisory) outside the anti-free speech bubble-zone surrounding the Ottawa Morgentaler abortion facility. Demonstrators are calling for the totalitarian and unnecessary bubble-zone law to be repealed. The law comes into force today, and restricts the freedom of speech, expression and assembly of those who oppose abortion.

“This law is criminalizing speech that is not the official opinion of the state,” said Mary Ellen Douglas, Ontario President, Campaign Life Coalition. “This over-reaching law has made it illegal for Ontarians to offer scientific facts about pregnancy to women scheduled for abortions, and to provide options to women which do not include killing children before birth.”

“This assault on our freedoms is part of a dangerous trend that if you don’t accept the views of the Liberal government of the day, you lose your rights,” said Johanne Brownrigg, spokesperson for Campaign Life Coalition. “In Ontario, it’s now a crime to express your opinion on public property because Kathleen Wynne says so, and across Canada, you can’t access public funds to hire students if you disagree with Justin Trudeau’s radical position on abortion.”

Campaign Life Coalition calls upon the Ontario government to repeal Bill C-163 and urges supporters to observe the law when they continue their life-affirming outreach to women outside abortion facilities.

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