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Pro-life cheques

There's never been easier way to spread the gospel of life. No less than fifteen people will see each cheque you issue. You will receive two hundred cheques with each order. Your message "Protect all preborn children" will reach about three thousand people, many of whom will be exposed to this message for the first time.

There are two ways to order & pay - online with a credit card or by snail mail with a cheque.

To order online, fill out the order form, then electronically scan a copy of your voided cheque and the order form and email it to To order this way, you need to have a scanner so that your voided cheque can be digitized and emailed to us. If you don't have access to a scanner, please order via snail mail as per below.

To order by snail mail, print out the following order form and mail it to Campaign Life Coalition with a physical copy of your voided cheque.

Pro-Life Cheques
Pro-Life Cheques

All other provinces

B.C Residents

ON, Nfld, NB, NS Residents