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Say #No2Niki

"Niki, Niki you're so blind, you're so blind you blow my mind"!

Niki Ashton is at it again- out to ruin women and children by forcing her extreme pro-abortion agenda down our throats once again. On May 8th, 2014 (the SAME day that 23,000 people marched on parliament hill in the National March for Life), NDP MP Niki Ashton put forward a motion seeking to have members of parliament vote on whether access to abortion is a “fundamental question of equality and human rights, both in Canada and around the world.”

Abortion? A "fundamental human right"? As a woman, it's terrifying to me that a member of parliament wants it declared that killing another human is a "fundamental human right". It’s also quite ironic that the same MP who was recently vocally opposed to a motion condemning female gendercide on the grounds that it re-opens the abortion debate, is now championing a motion on expanding abortion access.

Here's where you and your beautiful faces come into play. CLC Youth is urging you to get out your phones and web cams and record yourself a) thanking Niki Ashton for re-opening the abortion debate in parliament demonstrating that this issue isn't settled in Canada and b) urging your MP to represent you and vote AGAINST Motion-510.

Upload your videos to YouTube and tweet them to your MP and the Prime Minister using the hashtag #No2Niki. If you don't have twitter, either set-up an account or e-mail your member of parliament AND CLC Youth with your video so we can tweet it out for you (

It takes five minutes and could help this anti-life motion cash and burn in parliament, giving the pro-life movement one of the biggest pro-life political victories our country has ever seen.

Join our Facebook event here, and spread the word!