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It seems the NDP are running scared after thousands of young people took to Twitter, Facebook and e-mail urging their MPs to vote against Niki Ashton’s extreme pro-abortion motion, M-510. The motion, which calls on parliament to formally affirm that "a woman's right to choose abortion is a fundamental question of equality and human rights, both in Canada and around the world", was placed on notice on May 8th, 2014, the same day over 20,000 people gathered on parliament hill for the March for Life calling for pro-life legislation.

As news surfaced of this radical pro-abortion motion, young people from pro-life youth organizations across Canada joined the #No2Niki campaign, writing e-mails, making videos and tweeting them at their MPs urging their members of parliament to represent them and vote against Motion 510.

Various MPs, including the Honourable Chris Alexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, responded to the campaign, saying pro-life Canadians can count on the Conservative government to vote against Motion 510, saying their focus will be “helping the mothers, newborn + children of the world”.

Just days after this enormous backlash, the NDP appear to be backing away from Ashton’s vote on abortion rights for the time being, although the motion will remain on the order paper and could be brought forward any time in the future.

As my boss, Jim Hughes says, "the youth are not the future of the pro-life movement, they’re the present". This is just the beginning.