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Moose Meat, Justin Trudeau and the March for Life

Between the NDP winning a majority government in Alberta and a probe into tranquilized moose meat, it’s been a big news week for Canadians (surprisingly, those moose did not vote in the election). Amongst the hustle and bustle of Rachel Notley and elk, Justin Trudeau released a core theme of his election platform: tax hikes on the rich to fund tax cuts for the middle-class (otherwise known as “used car salesmen” in the Trudeau book of terms). Pitting groups of people against each other is what Trudeau does best, as exemplified this time last year when he proclaimed his infamous “no choice but pro-choice” mandate on all Liberal candidates. There’s nothing like spring showers and May flowers to divide the country.

As one who has dedicated the last two months of my life, along with CCBR’s Jonathon Van Maren, raising up troops to actively campaign against Justin Trudeau this election in a cross-country speaking tour in 22 cities in nine different provinces, I eagerly await every impromptu press conference or off-the-cuff remark Trudeau makes. There seems to be a direct correlation between him opening his mouth and the Liberals plummeting in the polls. Who knew that Justin Trudeau making public statements could be the best thing for our country?

Saying he admires China’s dictatorship and mocking our Canadian troops is hard to recover from by common-sense Canadians. Discriminating against the majority of people who want restrictions on abortion and forcing the status quo of abortion until birth is impossible to recover from by pro-life Canadians. There hasn’t been a greater threat to human rights in our country since the reign of Pierre Elliot Trudeau. If there was ever a time for serious action by pro-life Canadians, it’s now.

Next week, tens of thousands of people will gather on Parliament Hill showing their support for legal protection for the unborn at the annual National March for Life. This feel-good event inspires and motivates pro-lifers across the country every year, supporting those who hold what the media portrays as a minority view. This year, I challenge you. I challenge you to put your chants into action. I challenge you to not just make signs, but make a difference. This year, let’s translate the massive crowd at the March for Life into a massive crowd 
campaigning for life in the upcoming federal election. Let’s not just say we oppose Justin Trudeau’s abortion extremism, let’s actually do it. By joining our #No2Trudeau campaign, you have the opportunity to affect the outcome of this year’s election and put Canada back on track to becoming a pro-life country.

Using the hashtag #ivoteprolifefirst, take a selfie at the March and tweet at your MP telling them why you’re voting for life this election. Then, join our #No2Trudeau campaign and join us in delivering postcards, phone calling, and campaigning for pro-life candidates to make a real difference this election. People’s lives are literally depending on it.

Celebrating life is important. Saving lives is essential. Join us in taking part in the largest pro-life campaign Canada has ever seen to show that you don’t just march for life, you actually defend it.